Kom Hmoob Muaj Fwj Chim, Vam Meej, Tawg Paj Txi Txiv

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Hmong Nationalities Organization (HNO) is a national non-profit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to promoting Hmong identity, dignity, progress, and prosperity. Founded in 2011 by the Committee on Hmong Relations, HNO serves as a leading entity to the Hmong community and the general public on issues and policies related to cultural heritage, educational advancement, socio-economic development, and civic engagements of Hmong Americans.

HNO is an Organization of the Hmong people, by the Hmong people, and for the Hmong people,  HNO

Its purpose is to strengthen the foundation and well-being of the Hmong people, HNO will strive